Note the United Chinese Clans Assocication of Thailand
    The united Chinese clans association of Thailand have expanded in the reformation period. Clans of Chinese people have a really long history. And the cultures of Chinese's clans are also a lot of types. Based on all evidence from the past until now, there are more than 22,000 Clans in China. The evolutions of Chinese clans have continued until the present more than 6,000 years. Based on Chinese clans dictionary, there are 4,129 of Chinese Clans that are collected. All of them had divided into many groups, for example: there are 1,689 Clans that have 1-2 words; there are 143 Clans that have 3 words ; there are some of the Clans that have 4-5 words. The beginning of the Chinese clans is in matriarchy period. The clans named from ancestor, country's name, address's name, position's name, nickname and ability of Chinese people or the royal has been given. All of these have a long history. Chinese clans are as a symbol of the Chinese Relationship or pedigree and it also stands for a symbol of unity.
    Thailand is one of the countries that have the most Chinese people live in. More than hundred years ago, Chinese had brought the culture of Chinese clans in Thailand. After that, the united Chinese clans association was established. The reasons of established the association are the relationship of Chinese people and the benefit of society.
     The united Chinese clans association of Thailand was established in 1970. The first time that was established, there were only 14 clans in the association. The association was able to establish because there was many leaders that lived in Thailand and other countries were work together, such as Lin Lai Rong, Su Jun Qian, Zheng Wu Lou, Qiu Xi Jian, Ding Jia Jun, Li Jian Nan etc. After the thirty years of development until 2005, there were 62 members of the clans names and then it was established as independent entity name the united Chinese clans association of Thailand. Now there are 64 the Chinese clans.
     The association uses circulation system to work. At first, all clans work together, responsible for 2 months. And then had change to 14 clans work together, responsible for a half of year.
     The wish that come true is the united Chinese clans association of Thailand finally had its own organization office which located at 1249/147 Fl.16 Gems Tower, Charoenkrung Road, Soi 47/3 Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand. In 18 July 2002, the grand opening of the united Chinese clans association of Thailand was very great. Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra presided over the ribbon cutting and Chen Bao Kun, Chairman of the council also participate the ceremony.
     There are many positive contribution of the united Chinese clans association of Thailand. All of these come form the diligence of ancestors who work hard for developing the association to be in a good position.
     For the united Chinese clans association of Thailand to advance with the times and to begin a new journey and innovation On May 17, 2006 the united Chinese clans association of Thailand had established the Executive Committee at the first time and had invited the Ambassador of China name Zhang Jiu Huan to become host of the ceremony, Mr. Huang Han Liang the first Chairman of Executive Committee and Lai Jin Ting is the first Chairman of the Council.
    Malaysia was a Co-chairman Committee and also brought Ye Liang Fa attendance to congratulate, that time Dr. Zheng Ming Ru was the chairman of chamber of commerce and Li Guang Long was the chairman of Teo Chew association were also present to congratulate.
    The united Chinese clans association of Thailand is come from Association Council and these show that the unity of Chinese and Thai people and show the power of Thai–Chinese society. It received awareness from the world and it means the big development of Thai-Chinese relations.
    At first, the united Chinese clans association of Thailand appears as a committee. The chairman of association would divide responsibilities into many groups consists of: Committee, Secretary, Treasurer, Audit Department, Party hostess and Executive Committee.
    The united Chinese clans association of Thailand had visited Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. These five countries have a very good relationship with the united Chinese clans association of Thailand and it also has a conference four times a year. And this is the first time that happens in history of the relationship.
    There are four times that visited these five countries. The first time held on 17 - 20 August 2005, there were 10 agents to visited Malaysia, Singapore and the leader of this time was Huang Han Liang. In Malaysia, it has been signed with the clans Association of Penang and have been recorded the friendship for each other. The second time held on 12 - 15 October in the same year, but this time there were 29 agents to visited Cambodia. The third time was held on 16 - 18 December in the same year, there were 17 agents to visited Laos for some activities to make relationships to each other. The forth time held on 13 - 16 January 2007, there were 23 agents to visited Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. The time of visiting other counties, there were 79 people that led by Huang Han Liang who attend. Everywhere that they went, they always had received a warm welcome. To visit these five counties in four times, it's a good memories and really hard to forget because there are many impressive things and it is a symbol of expand the relationships.
    The united Chinese clans association of Thailand was opened to visit; it started on February 6, 2007 until April 10, 2007, it was over two mouths. Then they set up 15 people as delegations in order to visit all the members (more than 150 people). After that they changed to visit only 54 clans (in fact there are 64 clans that have to visit but there are some of accidents occur ,so that make they can't do what is they manage at the first time ). They received a warm welcome in every area that they visit. Some of areas set off the some of firework to welcome, some areas made a banquet. All people are sincere to each other. All the gathering of the united Chinese clans association of Thailand is warm and sincere.
    In the past time the united Chinese clans association of Thailand began with established the committee. The four times visit of five counties and the visiting of 54 clans made Thai-Chinese society pay attention to the way of Chinese people do. The position in the united Chinese clans association of Thailand in the past everyone took a position for one year. And there was also special activities each year at Southeast Asia.
     Invited to Bangkok by committee clans association of Malaysia, they included Director of Chinese Association of Cambodia, clans association of Singapore, Council of the Philippines, Roche association of South East Asia, Singapore, Chinese council of Laos, clans association of Vietnam and clans association of Indonesia, which sum up to more than 120 people. After that on May 18, 2007 they went to the gathering of the clans association at Southeast Asia. The gathering started on May 19 to 20. Huang Han Liang, Host showed that this gathering Thai people must come.
    Hu Xiao Lan, Agent of the Chinese Embassy (Zhang Jiu Huan) said that Southeast Asian countries have unity to exchange of each other because it is the way to contact each other, makes friends, and encourage cooperation with each other.
    Each representative of counties always speak to clans In Southeast Asia before speak about lineage in order to make everybody know and understand. This is also as a Cultural exchange and increase the chance of business. This time is the gathering of history and it also has many successful.
    The united Chinese clans association of Thailand also visited many association that related to the association, traveled in Bangkok and attended the Feast at Chao Phraya River, (this activities are three days two nights).
    On 11 - 13 October 2007, the 43 delegates came to visit clans association in the south of Thailand, Tae Chew Association of Hat Yai and Chao Yang association of Songkhla. In addition, its members donated a total of 1,310,000 baht to three schools in the south of Thailand. All members have attend to the ceremony pile on January 1, 2007 and bring 20 delegates go to Chinese school at Nakhon Pathom and also donate 400,000 baht to the school.
    Because of having invited by Council of the Philippines, Chinese association set 35 delegates in order to go to join the 50th anniversary celebration of the clans of Philippines on May 23, 2007. This celebration takes 3 days 2 nights.
    On 17 July 2007 Huang Han Liang had bring all 65 delegates go to attend association of Penang in Malaysia "Exchange friendly relations in Southeast Asia." Surin, secretary who described all about this and there are many cultural show thought 6 days 5 nights.
    On March 27, 2007 had set up the forth time of conference session 2 with the head of clans more than 170 people. Huang Han Liang was the Chairman of the conference who gives the present to teacher in Chinese school including computer equipment value about 100,000 baht.
    On 4 July, 2007 had set up the fifth time of conference about communication equipment session 2, Huang Han Liang was a head of the conference. There were many honorary executive and vice-executive, all of these more than 200. In the evening they stayed at a hotel and in the afternoon of the next day they went back to Bangkok.
    On November 11, 2008 (the same day that have Buddhist activities) had set up the sixth time of conference about communication equipment session 2 at Suphan Buri. There were Minister of tourism and sports, Vice-Permanent Secretary of tourism and Huang Han Liang are the chairman of the conference. The numbers of people who attended the conference were more than 200 people.
    In the same time, the association has developed the system of the conference from the past, there is only one person who is the head of clans who can attend the conference, but then it was changed to each clans able to bring the vice-chairman and threes delegates to the conference. After that, it was changed to each clans able to bring the vice-chairman and five delegates to the conference. At the same time they had go to visit the association and the clans in mainland in order to make population be active and participate the activity. This is like an expansion of Thai-China society and it also led to the development of the united Chinese clans association of Thailand.


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